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Folds of Honor

Jonathan Weber-Mendez, MPA, Folds of Honor Grant Writer:

We have been so humbled by your support and your gift in 2017 which helped us achieve our most successful year to date (more than 3,500 scholarships awarded nationwide). While it is impossible to fully express our gratitude to The Patriots Initiative, we want to start with a simple thank you. Thank you, TPI, for standing with us. Your support returns a life-changing difference in the families who’ve paid the ultimate price of freedom. Every time one more scholarship is awarded, progress is made. Every time one more dollar is raised, progress is made. Every time one more family knows that their sacrifices and the sacrifices of their service member are not and will not be forgotten, progress is made. Because of you, much progress has been made. Your gift of $5,000 in 2017 represents much more than a simple donation. Your gift is a statement to all the families we support that they don’t have to bear the weight of their sacrifice alone.

Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra

Kathy Copeland, Executive Director:

Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra is so honored to be recognized by The Patriots Initiative for our work with wounded, ill, and injured servicemen and women. The high standards set by TPI enable us to continually raise the level of services and support that we offer. The TPI grant our organization received will allow us to specifically target returning military athletes in order to continue their progress and serve as mentors to the newly injured. We will be able to better serve our mission with the support of The Patriots Initiative!

Higher Ground Sun Valley

Erin Rheinschild, Director of Philanthropy:

I, again, thank The Patriots Initiative Board and Staff for their unwavering professionalism and recognition of the efficacious work of Higher Ground Sun Valley (HG). HG is thrilled and honored to be a TPI grant recipient. The communication, pride and professionalism of the TPI Staff and Board has made this experience truly rewarding for HG. The experience and process of working personally with some of the TPI Board Members through one-on-one meetings, efficient email communication and with passion for our respective missions has been very enjoyable. At Higher Ground, we value the benevolence and support of our community and gifting organizations as this enables HG to provide a tier-one long-term continuum of care for injured Veterans and their supporters.

2-1-1 San Diego: Providing Services for Military and Veterans

2-1-1 San Diego: Veteran's Family

2-1-1 San Diego provides our region’s veterans, military and their families with a 24-hour helpline providing free, confidential information and guidance. Staffed by highly trained veterans, 2-1-1 provides critical resources to our military and veteran community, like Jorge. Jorge dialed 2-1-1 looking for the best place to start for help for his brother. “My brother is a returning veteran who was struggling to transition out of the military,” said Jorge. “2-1-1 connected us to the services he needed.”

Veterans Association of North County (VANC)

The Armed Forces Interest Group (TPI) of the Rancho Santa Fe Foundation provided the seed money for the Veterans Association of North County’s (VANC) Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP), a month long training program that assists transitioning military and unemployed veterans learn job search skills to make them competitive job seekers in today’s job market.

As a result of TPI’s support and partnership, over 100 veterans have received, and continue to receive small group and one-on-one training on resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, sourcing job openings, etc. More importantly, CTAP participants are being employed!!!

VANC appreciates the TPI’s partnership and support for the CTAP program and we, VANC, love when we can share comments like the following:

Thank You Veterans

“CTAP has helped me tremendously. I received one-on-one instruction from facilitators and coaches on how to be better prepared to separate from the Marine Corps and transition into the civilian community. The classes covered everything from job search techniques to interviewing and resumes. They even helped me determine what career path I want to take. I have recommended it to everyone about to separate from the military and will continue to do so.” – First Sergeant John Paul Doring, Unites States Marine Corps

On behalf of the VANC membership, CTAP participants and the veteran community, we say ‘thank you TPI, for caring about our military and veterans and for providing support and encouragement so our veterans succeed in their new civilian career paths.’ ‘Thank you for making life-changing contributions for our veteran community.’

Chuck Atkinson, President and Founder, VANC
Sandra Silva Fichter, Vice-President and CTAP Founder, VANC

Camp Pendleton ASYMCA

The School of Infantry Recreation Center was first established in 1977 in an old Quonset hut located in a remote and isolated part of the base. Today, the center is in a large 1800 square foot building capable of servicing over 300 students each weekend following a week of hard and arduous combat training. With many only 18 years of age, the stress levels for many can be very high. The center provides an outlet for them to relax, regroup, and reconnect with their family and friends via the internet as well as watching a movie or playing electronic games. In addition, we provide bus transportation to the main part of the base, so the center is the place to be on weekends. – George Brown III, Executive Director, Armed Services YMCA at Camp Pendleton

Troops eating hotdogs

A Letter from One Parent:

“I’m so proud of my 18 yr. old son, who is attending the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton. Like many before him, he is really challenged by the second part of Marine Boot Camp. During last weekend’s visit, he told me that six Marines in his platoon had attempted suicide (fortunately unsuccessfully) the prior week. My son’s platoon had delta liberty and was restricted from leaving the SOI area, so my son and I visited your local Armed Services YMCA. A clear sign that you are doing it right… My son pointed out four of the Marines that he said had attempted suicide earlier that week. All four of them were smiling and enjoying a movie. I knew at that moment that your/my son’s local Armed Services YMCA was clearly succeeding at saving someone’s son’s life.”

Thanks, a Marine Father

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