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Hundreds of nonprofits, guided by talented and dedicated leaders, are stepping up to address the critical, unmet needs of military families across the spectrum of active duty, wounded and fallen, veterans and dependents.

But, how do you as a donor discover and evaluate the finest, most effective nonprofit organizations serving the military?


The solutions must emerge from the private sector – donors who recognize the need and Answer the Call with their generosity.

It is vital that American communities understand what our troops and their families are facing – and use that knowledge to simply, positively, and productively help those families address the challenges resulting from their service to our country.

The Patriots Initiative does that work and has become a primary resource for identifying and evaluating the best charitable organizations supporting our nation’s military service members. All donations made to TPI are directed through our competitive grantmaking process only to the most impactful nonprofit programs serving the armed forces community.

Today, you can become a more impactful and effective donor by guiding your philanthropy through The Patriots Initiative.

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