Seeking a Mentor and Building Confidence for Your Post-Service Career

Sep 22, 2022

Former military member being mentored

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As a veteran, you possess a range of valuable skills that can translate seamlessly into various jobs. Businesses of all sizes and industries seek candidates with military experience, meaning you have a world of opportunity ahead of you.

But you must understand how to set yourself up for success. Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and an excellent business idea? Would you rather work for an employer? Is your primary concern making as much money as possible, or are you willing to gradually build a salary in a field you’re passionate about? Whatever path you take, you can benefit from finding seasoned experts to connect you with other professionals and forge a successful career.

Below, The Patriots Initiative provides tips for veterans who want to start a business and discusses the different types of mentorships worth pursuing.

Building a Business

There’s no better way to build a career that gives you control of your destiny than to start a business. Yes, it comes with a good amount of risk taking and many more responsibilities than working for someone else, but it also allows you to make the decisions and steer your career where you envision.

No matter what type of company you launch, you’ll need a well-written business plan describing all the pertinent details of your mission, values, products or services, target market, marketing initiatives, financial requirements, and more. You must also choose a legal structure, register your business, acquire the necessary licenses or permits, and more.

Marketing is a significant component of running a business, and you need to determine how to reach your target audience and promote your brand; you’ll need to design an attractive and functional website and social media content to boost awareness and build recognition.

Group Mentoring

Finding a reputable business mentor or mentorship program can take your knowledge and skills to new heights, ultimately helping you make wise decisions that propel your career forward. While one-on-one mentorship has its benefits, don’t overlook group mentoring.

This format can especially prove helpful if you have difficulty finding a high-profile professional to take you on. Group mentoring can still arm you with valuable knowledge and provide the added benefit of social support.

Personalized Mentoring

The most popular form of mentoring is personalized or “one-on-one“ mentoring. This type of mentorship provides highly personalized guidance to mentors from experienced professionals and veterans.

But there’s a catch: you and your mentor must share similar values and your personalities must mesh together well. It’s also essential for you and your mentor to establish short-term and long-term goals for professional development and the mentoring relationship itself. And remember, you must put forth effort to the mentoring relationship as a mentee as much as your mentor does – it should be a collaborative relationship.

Online Mentoring

Online mentoring provides many of the same benefits as in-person mentoring except it’s more convenientfor many participants. It lets you and your mentor conduct productive meetings through email, video chat, and other online mediums.

Even with this form of mentoring, it’s important that you meet in person occasionally. And you’ll also need to be mindful of remembering and attending your appointments (you’re more likely to cancel an e-mentoring session).

Another great resource for continuing career education and mentorship programs and opportunities can be found on The Patriots Initiative’s Warriors In Transition Matrix.

Whether you aim to launch a business or find a high-paying job in your industry, it’s essential to prepare and make intelligent decisions as you transition into civilian life. Finding a top-notch mentor or mentoring program is an excellent way to jump start your new career path.

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