The Quick Guide to Improving Your Life as a Veteran

Apr 10, 2023

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Self-improvement is a never-ending journey of personal growth and development. Every day, we have the opportunity to make small changes that can lead to big results. Whether it’s pursuing a passion project, taking on an ambitious goal, or incorporating healthy habits, you can become the best version of yourself with a bit of dedication and work.

It all starts with a willingness to reflect and take action. Read on for some ideas to supercharge your next chapter!

Setting Yourself Up for a Better Career

Changing your career (if you’re unhappy with your current one) is one of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life, and returning to school is an excellent place to start. Many universities offer discounted tuition or other benefits specifically designed for veterans, and taking classes online gives you the flexibility to study at home. This is especially beneficial for those trying to balance work and family commitments while studying.

Online degrees also provide access to more specialized courses than many conventional schools, allowing you to focus on what interests you and tailor your education accordingly. Check out The Patriot’s Initiative’s Warriors In Transition Matrix for some of the premier educational programs and career support services.

Sprucing Up Your Resume with a Free Template

Having an eye-catching resume is essential when applying for jobs outside of the military. Fortunately, there are plenty of free templates available online to help you design a resume that stands out from the crowd.

Take time to look through these templates and choose one that fits your skills and experience level. You should also include any volunteer work you did during your time in the military; this will show potential employers that you’re committed and hard-working.

Forming an LLC if You Start a Business

If you decide you want to start your own business, forming an LLC (limited liability corporation) could be a smart move. This type of structure provides legal protection if anything goes wrong with your business — meaning that if anyone takes legal action against it, they cannot go after your personal assets or finances.

It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to set up an LLC compared to some other types of businesses, making it ideal for those just starting out in entrepreneurship who don’t want too much hassle or expense upfront. Your first step will be to name a registered agent to communicate on your behalf with law firms, tax agencies, and the government. Or, you could work with a registered agent service.

Finding Ways to Reduce Stress

Remember not to overlook your mental health when making major life changes. This is especially important if you struggle with PTSD or other mental health issues. Reducing your stress levels can make all the difference between feeling overwhelmed by the changes taking place in your life and feeling confident in yourself, ready for whatever comes next.

Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. Yoga is particularly effective because it combines physical activity with relaxation techniques like breathing exercises and meditation, both of which help calm the mind and body quickly and easily wherever you are.

Boosting Your Overall Health

Finally, take a step back and determine how to nurture your overall health and well-being. Exercising is a great start, but you’ll also want to be intentional about eating nutritious foods and getting the proper amount of restful sleep each night.

Creating a fitness routine will help you stay on track with your exercise goals while eating nutritiously can boost your energy levels and encourage healthy long-term habits. Fostering a regular sleep rhythm will ensure you are well-rested each morning and can concentrate throughout the day.

Achieving success in civilian life is possible, even when oftentimes it feels hard or overwhleming. Remember to take advantage of all the resources available to veterans, consider launching your own business, foster your overall health, and think about implementing some of tips we’ve shared. You might be surprised how quickly you notice tangible improvements to your life and well-being!

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