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Veteran and a man holding US flags

“We began supporting TPI shortly after its inception and we have been supporting it ever since. We have elected a monthly donation to the TPI Discretionary Fund, which enables the TPI Advisory Committee to direct our support to the greatest and most pressing needs of our military service personnel and their families. We are particularly appreciative that there are no administrative fees charged against our donation.”

~LaVerne and Blaine Briggs (WWII Veteran)

Camouflage uniform with dog tags over US flag

“I am the proud mother of a Marine who chose to enlist right out of High School. I support The Patriots Initiative as one volunteer in a community of individuals who have different backgrounds, experiences and involvement with our military. We share a passion to raise awareness and to fill the gaps in the needs of our military; as well as a desire to recognize the sacrifices our heroes undertake for their fellow Americans. The ability to volunteer and donate funding through The Patriots Initiative is rewarding and I feel as if I am helping to make a difference.”

~Meredith Grimm-Sobol

SEALS at the beach

“We want to support people who do the important things…not the least being our armed forces and their families. We believe one of the best ways to stabilize and nurture the needed efforts is through establishing endowments. The Patriots Initiative accomplishes this very effectively and comprehensively. Anyone asks me, I say, “give it a try”!

~Catherine and Bob Goldsmith

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