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Dec 30, 2016

Background: In February 2016 TPI issued a disqualification announcement regarding The Wounded Warrior Project based on four consecutive years of WWP’s failed and declining performance evaluation scores. Accordingly, WWP was barred from accreditation by The Patriots Initiative and deemed unworthy for listing on THE DIRECTORY which identifies the finest nonprofits serving America’s armed forces communities.

UPDATE: The Patriots Initiative has been observing the actions and activities of The Wounded Warrior Project during the 10 months since the disqualification announcement. While WWP’s Board has since terminated its CEO and COO and is beginning to refocus personnel and programming to improve services, TPI has not discerned substantial, credible or sustained progress. We note that WWP’s marketing has shrewdly refocused on publicizing specific examples of successful individual cases where their financial assistance has improved the lives of wounded veterans. However, the primary issue found at WWP has instead always been one of poor leadership, a misguided culture of corporate/organizational disrespect for wounded veterans evidenced by misdirection of funds and wasteful internal consumption of donated gifts. To date, TPI does not see evidence of significant change in those critical metrics, certainly not enough to warrant qualification for accreditation and listing on THE DIRECTORY. We expect this attempted ‘reboot’ will take several years at WWP, if it is even possible.

Accordingly, TPI continues to rate The Wounded Warrior Project as “DISQUALIFIED” and unfit for listing on THE DIRECTORY. We will evaluate WWP again in approximately one year. In the meantime, TPI recommends that donors wishing to support the cause of America’s wounded service members direct their gifts, instead, to any of several other, highly qualified nonprofit organizations. Informed donors may find them listed on THE DIRECTORY which can be accessed on TPI’s website (

Latest Updates

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