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Today we celebrate the United States Army Birthday

Jun 14, 2016

Today (June 14th) commemorates an important day in our nation’s history in which our unwavering military presence began. The United States Army was founded as the Continental Army on June 14, 1775, in order to defend against the British and unite the militias in the Revolutionary War. A few months later, the United States Navy was established in order to maintain militaristic advantage over the sea, and then in November, the Marine Corps was born out of the historic Tun Tavern. Once the Revolutionary War had been won, the Continental Army disbanded and later reformed as the United States Army in 1796. It would be many years later that the Air Force was created in 1947, branching from the Army Air Corps and the Navy.

After the great expansion of the 1800s and the Indian wars, no longer had the Army been utilized in such a way as it had before. World War I changed the course of history and so began the National Guard and the National Army. Land, air, and sea were now at our nation’s disposal, but of course with this great power came a price – not only was defending our nation’s sovereignty at home a priority, but now also was the duty of protecting and supporting other free nations abroad. Once the Central Powers invaded Serbia following Franz Ferdinand’s assassination in 1914, the world shook and changed forever. Since then, the Army has played a significant role in world history defending freedoms and protecting those from harm. We at The Patriots Initiative support not only Army veterans, but all branches of the military by identifying the best non-profit resources available to our nations heroes. 100% of all donations to any of the four TPI Donation Funds go directly to support those who have and those who continue to serve and sacrifice for our great nation.

Latest Updates

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