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The Patriots Initiative speaks with Fox 5 News

Mar 11, 2016

Reporter: Robert Burns

“It’s going to take [the Wounded Warrior Project] a while… to regain the public’s trust and confidence, but it is important that they do,” stated Greg Hillgren, TPI’s chairman to Fox 5 News reporter Robert Burns.

In this interview with Fox 5 News, The Patriots Initiative discusses the Wounded Warrior Project’s response to the media scrutiny over their misuse of funds, as well as the firing of two top executives. Hillgren indicates that this is a positive step in the right direction for the nonprofit, however, the WWP has a long road ahead, possibly many years, in the efforts of regaining donor trust. As TPI stands today, it will take several years combined with improved upon, consistent, and proven financial and leadership track records for the WWP to be considered again for re-evaluation for potential inclusion in TPI’s DIRECTORY of approved nonprofits. (Note: For four consecutive years, the Wounded Warrior Project never successfully passed TPI’s examination process.)

Latest Updates

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