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Christian Science Monitor: Can Wounded Warrior Project pick up the pieces?

Mar 11, 2016

By Lucy Schouten

Due to the announcement of the Wounded Warrior Project firing their chief executive officer and chief operating officer, Christian Science Monitor reached out to The Patriots Initiative for clarity and insights on the matter. “Donors expect nonprofits to perform with high standards of integrity and effectiveness. You’re investing for impact on their behalves, and when that trust is gone it’s hard for the organization to recover,” stated Greg Hillgren, TPI’s chairman.

The Patriots Initiative thinks the recent WWP firings were a positive and necessary first step in the right direction, and TPI commends WWP’s board for taking decisive action. However, nonprofits endure because of their unique reputation for integrity and effectiveness. The damage WWP has caused for themselves, and the unfortunate, collateral damage that has already affected other nonprofits – very capable, effective ones that are completely unassociated with WWP except that they serve the same armed forces community needs – will take several years to recover from while donors reassess the landscape.

Frankly, that’s exactly why The Patriots Initiative exists: to simplify the process for donors. TPI is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) resource for identifying and evaluating the most effective, reliable and impactful nonprofits serving the nation’s armed forces communities. TPI researches and rigorously evaluates nonprofits using eight criteria that drive effectiveness and success. That process reveals the very finest ones doing the best work. From that vetting process TPI compiles the DIRECTORY, a comprehensive selection of only the most trustworthy and effective nonprofits conducting remarkable programs that improve the lives of military service members and their families. (Note: For four consecutive years, the Wounded Warrior Project never successfully passed TPI’s examination process.)

Bottom line… The Patriots Initiative makes it simple for inspired Americans to confidently and impactfully improve the lives of the nation’s armed forces communities.

For the full Christian Science Monitor article, please click here

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