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California State Senator Joel Anderson Awards THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE with The Senate Certificate of Recognition

Apr 9, 2016

TPI Staff District Reps

San Diego, California– April 8, 2016 – Yesterday, California State Senator Joel Anderson awarded The Patriots Initiative (TPI) with the CA Senate Certificate of Recognition. This award was given in honor of TPI’s outstanding community service, recognizing their unyielding dedication to improving the quality of life for our active duty and veteran military families.

Chairman Greg Hillgren expressed gratitude for the award saying, “TPI’s entire staff has accomplished so much to improve the lives of our nation’s military families and veterans. These people really work hard at it, they’re passionate about TPI’s mission. So, it’s very gratifying to see the entire staff recognized for their unique accomplishments by the CA Senate. Senator Anderson is a strong supporter of the nation’s armed forces and their many communities here in California; it’s terrific of him to recognize TPI’s role in this important cause.”

The Patriots Initiative is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit that simplifies the philanthropic process for military donors and focuses on connecting Americans with the most trustworthy, impactful and accountable nonprofits serving the nation’s armed forces communities. The Patriots Initiative’s DIRECTORY identifies the nation’s finest nonprofits, all of which have been thoroughly examined and vetted by TPI’s rigorous 8-point examination, have engaged in ‘best practices’ and proven themselves to be effective, efficient and reliable service providers specifically tailored for active duty military families, wounded warriors and veterans.

Not only is TPI the thought leader in military charity evaluation, but it is also the creator of the largest comprehensive lists of vetted military charities and American companies hiring and supporting veterans in the U.S.

The Patriots Initiative’s foremost goal is to be a resource to empower philanthropic patrons. By donating to any of the four TPI Funds, donors are assured that 100% of their gifts are being directed only to the most impactful programs being run by the very best nonprofits doing the most good. To date, approximately $1.3 Million in TPI grants have been made to support the nation’s Armed Forces members.

TPI Staff members work both in Rancho Santa Fe and throughout California, and all twelve recognized at yesterday’s CA State Senate Certificate Presentation Ceremony were humbled and honored by the Senate’s recognition. Their teamwork and focus are exceptional, and they strive each day to further positively impact the lives of active duty and veteran families and the donors that support this community.

Photographed: (Back Row L-R) District Representative to the Office of State Senator Joel Anderson; Greg Hillgren, TPI Chairman; Russell Demster (USMC Ret.), Program & Project Manager; Bobby Reed, Website & Social Media Director/Consultant; Eric Beach, Media/Public Relations Director; District Representative to the Office of State Senator Joel Anderson; (Front Row L-R) Allison Hillgren, Co-Director of Marketing; Makenzie Anderson, Program & Project Manager; Janet Palmer, Operations & Programs Director; Ann-Cathrin Howard, Admin & Project Director (Photography by Jennifer Nelson)


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