TPI Young Guns Training Hike at Lake Arrowhead, CA

Sep 1, 2017

Earlier this month, four members of Team Young Guns – Connor Barrett, Grant Warner, Ryan Clive-Smith, and Gregory Hillgren – went on a training hike at Lake Arrowhead, CA. Lake Arrowhead is just shy of a mile high in elevation at 5,174 feet. To train for the 6500' elevation loss and 5500' elevation gain, the hikers tackled interval training and climbed up and down every stairway access easement to and from North Bay, including the infamous “Stairway 51.”

Then, the following day, the hikers took to the trail again, this time focusing on conditioning and continually moving their bodies for extended periods of time to build for endurance and joint strength.

Team Young Guns is actively preparing for the 25-mile ‘Rim to Rim’ Challenge Hike on October 3rd to provide the ‘sweat equity’ for your tax-deductible donation to The Patriots Initiative's Wounded and Fallen Fund and Warriors in Transition Fund.

If you wish to sponsor the hikers in their quest to raise donations, simply CLICK HERE.

Thank you for "Answering The Call" by supporting The Patriots Initiative. Through your donation, you are embracing American Heroes that have given so much for us. Every donation helps, no matter how big or small! Your contribution is greatly appreciated!

The Patriots Initiative Team Young Guns on Rim to Rim Hike

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