The Four Donation Funds of THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE (TPI)

Jun 15, 2017

Veteran Donations Funds - THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE

Military Member & Veteran Donation Resources

THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE (TPI) is focused on leading efforts to deliver impactful resources to nonprofit service providers who support our nation’s military and their families. One way TPI does this is by identifying and evaluating organizations conducting the most remarkable and impactful programs, and appropriately distributing funds to the most urgent causes.

How Do I Make A Donation to One of TPI’s Four Funds?

THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVEMaking donations to THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE is secure, fast, and easy through our Military Online Donation Page. TPI prides itself as an active catalyst to assisting military service members, veterans, and military families in every way possible. Your donations help TPI expand its reach to other organizations that have a strong desire to assist in those who fight for our freedom. TPI has four distinct categories of donation funds for supporters to select from when making contributions: TPI’s Wounded and Fallen Fund, Family Support Fund, Warriors in Transition Fund, and the Discretionary Fund.

Discretionary Fund Donation

Wounded Veteran with his childTPI’s Discretionary Fund leaves donations up to the discretion of TPI’s Advisory Board. Advisory Board members assign grants to programs on THE DIRECTORY with immediate needs and the strongest impact. The Advisory Board carefully allocates its funds to areas which will serve military families that span across all levels of involvement all over the country where they’re needed most:

  • Active Duty
  • Wounded & Fallen
  • Veterans & Dependents

The process of selecting organizations that properly suit the needs of our military and loved ones is in fact an extremely careful, well-thought process. When organizations have been selected, the Advisory Board can confidently say that they’ll be able to serve where they’re needed most. Learn more on how the Advisory Board measures the effectiveness of its partnered organizations.

TPI Family Support Fund

The Family Support Fund supports active military and veteran families in crisis or need. THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE has carefully hand-selected nonprofit organizations that fill the many gaps where government assistance/involvement is missing. Filling the voids where families need it most is a difficult process, but with the involvement of some extraordinary nonprofit organizations, TPI is proud to deliver valuable resources to military members and their families.

Thankfully, because of the generosity of those who support our veterans, military families have access to health clinics, educational resources and career assistance. To learn more about the organizations who support military families, visit THE DIRECTORY.

Wounded & Fallen Fund

THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE’s Wounded and Fallen Fund helps those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation. By supporting military service members and dependents when injury or catastrophic events occur, TPI intends to be a part of the recovery and to ease the grieving process of those involved.

TPI encourages nonprofit organizations who have a passion to help those in need of medical assistance or families who have been affected by loss to Answer The Call. If your organization would like to assist with improving the lives of those who protect our country’s freedom, simply Request An Evaluation to support The Wounded and Fallen Fund.

Warrior In Transition Fund

Lastly, the Warriors in Transition Fund supports newly retired service members and veteran warriors through the transition into civilian employment or educational opportunities. The process of adapting to life outside of the military can be difficult for current service members and veterans. THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE’s Warriors in Transition Fund helps connect all military members, veterans or family members become connected with employers, educators and recruiters who can provide career assistance.

TPI’s commitment to providing the highest quality of resources through the Warriors in Transition Matrix has made all members’ transition back into the civilian workforce much easier than before. Today, it stands as the United States’ most comprehensive and complete list of connections to valuable organizations, and your donations have made it easier to build a robust set of resources for our country’s warriors.

To donate to one of TPI’s funds, please visit our Online Donation Page to select the appropriate category where you’d like to place your contribution. Please leave a note in the comments section specifying which of the four funds you would like your donation to be dedicated to.

Warriors In Transition (WIT) Announcement!

Military and Veterans Employer - Pacific Investment Mangement Company (PIMCO)The Patriots Initiative would like to announce its newest addition to the WARRIORS IN TRANSITION MATRIX, Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO). The WIT MATRIX is the nation’s most comprehensive list of thoroughly vetted employers, as well as education and training organizations that have shown a real commitment to hiring and supporting our nation’s military veterans and their families as they transition into the civilian workforce.

Veteran & Military Service Member Employer Assistance - Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO)PIMCO is an internationally recognized global investment management firm with more than 2,150 colleagues across 23 worldwide offices. The company operates with a singular focus on preserving and enhancing investor’s assets through managing investments for institutions, individuals, and financial advisors. PIMCO commits to hiring the best possible talent and seeks to ensure company employees are educated on the unique value veterans bring to their teams; the company also integrates hiring considerations for veterans into their general recruiting and hiring practices. In addition, to support veteran employees, PIMCO has created its own internal veterans initiative with an active governing subcommittee.

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