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Oct 18, 2018

Celebrating Happy Birthday to United States NavyThe month of October holds significance for the Navy, with the United States Navy Birthday celebrated on October 13th. This day marks the anniversary of the formation of the Continental Navy during the American Revolution back in 1775. At this time, the navy was established to attack British commerce and offset British sea power. Back then, the Navy consisted of just a small fleet of ships and was disbanded two years after the American Revolution. At the time, many thought there was not a need for a standing Navy along with the already established Continental Army. It was not until 1794 that the United States government recognized the need to protect American civilizations against piracy and rival powers. Today the U.S. Navy contains 430 ships and can deploy over 3,700 aircrafts. It is considered the strongest Navy in the world with over 300,000 active personnel and another 100,000 in reserve according to

Navy Day is another holiday celebrated in October. Unlike the U.S. Navy Birthday which celebrates the anniversary of the Navy’s formation, Navy Day is dedicated specifically to recognizing those serving in the United States Navy. Navy Day is celebrated on October 27th and was originally chosen to coincide with the birthday of President Theodore Roosevelt. During his time in office, President Roosevelt expanded the U.S. Navy and sent the Great White Fleet on a world tour to project the United States’ naval power around the globe. Today the U.S. Navy remains a global power with over 100 international ports.

October 26th honors active duty military with National Day of the Deployed. On this day we honor all brave men and woman who have been deployed, are currently deployed, or who have sacrificed their lives to defend our country. One of The Patriots Initiative’s Directory organizations, Operation Gratitude, works to serve our troops, veterans, and military families each day by creating care packages. These packages are filled with entertainment, hygiene, handmade non-perishable snacks and personal letters of appreciation. With Halloween rounding out the end of October, Operation Gratitude accepts leftover Halloween candy and encourages people to host a Candy Give-Back Drive. Other ways to show your appreciation include thanking those in uniform, volunteering to pack care packages, or donating money to one of the many vetted organizations listed on TPI’s Directory. If you can not decide on an organization, TPI has four funds dedicated to helping our military, veterans, and their families; the TPI Family Support Fund, TPI Wounded and Fallen Fund, TPI Warriors in Transition Fund, and the TPI Discretionary Fund.

On these dedicated holidays, and every day, we celebrate, appreciate and honor the men and women of our nation’s armed forces!

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