Sep 22, 2017

Image collage of Team Young Gun training for Rim to Rim Challenge HikeTeam Young Guns has been very busy stepping up their training, going on numerous training hikes over the past two weeks in order to be fully prepared for THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE’s Grand Canyon ‘Rim to Rim’ (R2R) Challenge Hike benefiting TPI’s Wounded and Fallen and Warriors transitioning out of active duty service.

The weekend of September 9th, Greg Hillgren and Andy Morrow went back to Lake Arrowhead for more interval training. It was just south of 100°F during Andy and Greg’s hike at Lake Arrowhead. The next day, Greg and Ryan Clive-Smith climbed Iron Mountain; Ryan managed to be all smiles during training, even with the high heat advisory warning at Iron Mountain!

A week later, Greg, Ryan, Andy, Connor Barrett and Jason Sabaugh climbed to the peak of Mount San Jacinto at 10,834 feet of elevation. This hike was a big test for the team to gauge their readiness level, and all passed with flying colors. While the other team members were conquering Mount San Jacinto, Grant Warner went for a 3-day overnight hike in Mineral King – averaging 14 miles each day, 180 floors climbed and approximate 39,000 steps … all while carrying a 40-pound hiking pack!

To date, the TPI Young Guns team has collectively raised $18,350. Please help us continue to spread the word about this cause to inspire more people to ‘Answer the Call’, so we can effectively address the special long-term needs of America’s warriors permanently injured while defending our nation and its freedoms, and to successfully meet and address the challenges of transitioning active duty and veteran service members into meaningful, productive careers in the American workforce when their military service to the nation is done.

We’re just 12 days away from the Grand Canyon ‘Rim to Rim’ Challenge Hike!

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