Grand Canyon Rim to Rim – CONQUERED

Oct 4, 2017

The Patriots Initiative Team Young Guns group photoTPI Team Young Guns when they arrived at the Grand Canyon North Rim!
L to R: Jason Sabaugh, Connor Barrett, Greg Hillgren, Grant Warner, Andy Morrow, Ryan Clive-Smith
Just shy of hiking for 14 straight hours…

TPI Team Young Guns – Greg Hillgren, Grant Warner, Andy Morrow, Connor Barrett, Ryan Clive-Smith and Jason Sabaugh – conquered the Grand Canyon 25 mile, 6500′ elevation loss and 5500′ elevation gain ONE DAY hike, starting on the North Rim and finishing on the South Rim! Collectively, TPI Young Guns raised more than $62,075 to support the lives of Wounded and Fallen Warriors and Warriors transitioning out of Active Duty Service.

CONGRATULATIONS and JOB WELL DONE! A major accomplishment by both hikers and donors. Together, we all make an incredible team!

Image collage of Team Young Guns conquered Rim to Rim Challenge HikeWith the saddening news of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, this Rim-to-Rim Challenge Hike is a reminder for us all that there are ‘forces for good’ out there. And, while it won’t be possible to make sense out of such a heinous, senseless act, we – through the success of this endeavor – have quietly made a statement that good things do overpower, outweigh the ugly stuff in this world.

Thank you – to each and every one of our donors – for stepping up and ‘Answering the Call’ with The Patriots Initiative. 100% of all funds raised will be going directly to accredited TPI Directory 501(c)(3) military nonprofits that specialize in effectively addressing the long-term needs of America’s warriors permanently injured while defending our nation and its freedoms, and to successfully meeting and addressing the challenges of transitioning active duty and veteran service members into meaningful, productive careers in the American workforce when their military service to the nation is done.

The Patriots Initiative and the TPI Young Guns are humbled and honored by your support!

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