25-Mile Challenge Hike to Support America’s Troops

Aug 15, 2017

The Patriots Initiative - Grand Canyon 'Rim to Rim' (R2R) Challenge Hike

The Patriots Initiative’s "Young Guns" will be participating in a Grand Canyon 'Rim to Rim' (R2R) Challenge Hike to Support America's Wounded and Fallen Warriors, and Warriors in Transition. The dontations made to this campaign will greatly benefit those who have sacrificed everything to protect our country, and we're excited to get you involved.

Please join us in this unique, important challenge

TPI’s Young Guns will provide the ‘sweat equity’ if you’ll provide a tax-deductible donation to The Patriots Initiative Wounded and Fallen Fund and Warriors in Transition Fund. Both of these carefully curated funds support the very finest and most impactful programs that have emerged to help our nation’s wounded and fallen warriors, and veterans transitioning into the workforce when their service to the nation is complete.

What’s The Point?

One, really… to raise donor awareness of The Patriots Initiative. Donating to these organizations is one of the most practical, inspiring, and impactful ways to address the special long-term needs of America’s warriors permanently injured while defending our nation and its freedoms. The main goal of the funds' mission is to help military service members meet and succeed in the challenges of successfully transitioning active duty and veteran servicemembers into meaningful, productive careers in the American workforce when their military service is complete. These men and women have “Answered The Call” in ways that have enabled us all to enjoy safe, rich and productive lives. It’s our responsibility – a duty – as Americans to give something back in their critical time of need.

Who Are TPI’s Young Guns?

The Young Guns are TPI’s up-and-coming business and professional leaders – all volunteers – who share a profound respect for those who wear our nation’s uniform and have committed to honor their dutiful sacrifices. The Young Guns are bound by a common purpose: To raise awareness and impactfully support, through TPI, the finest nonprofit programs serving America’s armed forces.

What’s The R2R Challenge Hike?

The Patriots Initiative - Young Guns Hiking Trailhe Rim 2 Rim Hike is a 25-mile hike from the Grand Canyon’s North Rim (8,000 Ft. Elevation) to the Colorado River crossing at the bottom of the Canyon, then climbing to the South Rim (7,000 Ft. Elevation). Our team members are doing this in the name of honro for our country's heroes, and have a great deal of motivation to complete this task in their honorable deeds provided during their time of service.

Why Donate to The Patriots Initiative?

Put simply, it’s the most inspiring, effective and reliable way to support America’s all-volunteer 21st century military service members and their families. This landscape-changing 501(c)(3) charitable organization has grown since 2008 to become the preferred vehicle for informed, impactful donors nationwide to simply, reliably, and effectively maximize their support for America’s armed forces communities. TPI’s experience and capabilities are proven and unrivaled. Today, TPI has carefully identified and evaluated the ‘best of class’ nonprofits that have emerged from the pack doing the very finest work. The Patriots Initiative directs its donors’ gifts to support only the most worthwhile and responsible programs across the nation. It’s a true ‘game changer’! Learn more at

When Will The R2R Start?

The R2R CHALLENGE takes place on October 3rd. The Patriots Initiative blog will be updated on a regular basis to inform donors about the progress of the campaign, as well as the status of the hikers. If you’d like, you can stay posted in real time as the trek happens. The best way to support this cause is through a monetary gift in the name of the campaign, Click Here to Support TPI.

Thank you for "Answering The Call" by supporting The Patriots Initiative, and engaging in this important cause. Through your donation, you're embracing these American Heroes that have given so much for us. Every donation helps, no matter how big or small your contribution. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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