The Patriots Initiative provides the simplest, most reliable, inspiring and effective way to support America’s all-volunteer, 21st century military service members and their families.

what we do

The Patriots Initiative is a resource for identifying and evaluating those organizations, and for appropriately distributing funds to the causes most in need. You can be confident that your donation to any of the TPI Funds, guided by our firsthand knowledge and expertise, will be impactful and serve the most critical needs. The Patriots Initiative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a resource for identifying and evaluating those organizations, and for appropriately distributing funds to the causes most in need... READ MORE

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who we are

Founded in 2008, we are a volunteer community of accomplished people from all walks of life, supported by a professional and knowledgeable staff. Many of us have served in our nation's military, and we share a profound respect for those who wear our nation's uniform and a commitment to honor their duty and sacrifice...READ MORE

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why this mission

To improve the quality of life for active duty and veteran military families by engaging stakeholders to support nonprofit service providers that are the most qualified to fulfill those needs...


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June 14, 2016
Today we celebrate the United States Army Birthday

Today (June 14th) commemorates an important day in our nation’s history in which our unwavering military presence began.  The United States Army was founded as the Continental Army on June 14, 1775, in order to defend against the British and unite the militias in the Revolutionary War.  A few months later, the United States Navy was established in order to maintain militaristic advantage over the sea, and then in November, the Marine Corps was born out of the historic Tun Tavern.  Once the Revolutionary War had been won, the Continental Army disbanded and later reformed as the United States Army in 1796.  It would be many years later that the Air Force was created in 1947, branching from the Army Air Corps and the Navy.

June 09, 2016
Leader in Veteran Nonprofit Evaluations Responds to Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Grants to Military Organizations

As widely reported by the national media, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump claimed that the delays of grants to dozens of nonprofit military organizations were substantially the result of needing to fully vet the nonprofits being considered for the donations, a complicated and time consuming research process. Trump cited a total of $5.6 Million donated to 40 veteran groups, all of which have recently been named. Trump went on to say that he took none of the money for admin costs and that all donations went directly to these 40 charities.