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May 09, 2016

THE PATRIOTS INITIATIVE Grants $70,000 to Support Wounded & Disabled Vets

Over $1.3 Million Now Given to Military Nonprofits

Rancho Santa Fe, California- May 9, 2016 Ė The Patriots Initiative (TPI) announced its latest round of grants to military nonprofits totaling $70,000 to support Americaís wounded and disabled veterans. TPI has become widely recognized as one of the nationís leading evaluators of nonprofits serving the nationís armed forces communities. TPI compiles The Directory, a comprehensive list for donors of the most trustworthy and accountable nonprofits doing the finest work to support our military service members and their families. As of today, TPI has granted over $1.3 million from its four dedicated donorsí funds to high-impact military nonprofits that are meeting the critical needs of Americaís active-duty warriors, veterans, and their families.

These latest TPI grants will enable veterans to participate in two of the nationís most effective therapeutic and sports adaptive reintegration programs at nonprofits Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra1 and Higher Ground Sun Valley2. These year-round outdoor/mountaineering programs located in California and Idaho, respectively, are focused on therapeutic recreation challenges to help injured service members gain the physical skills, confidence, and coping strategies necessary for successful reintegration into their families, professions and home communities. The grants were specifically tailored to fund their Military Veterans/Reintegration Programs, enabling graduated disabled veterans to return to serve as mentors/advisors/guides/counselors to younger or more newly injured veterans just beginning their healing journeys.

Earlier this year, The Patriots Initiative figured centrally in publicly exposing the financial mismanagement and misuse of donor funds by the Wounded Warrior Project, the nationís largest charity serving military causes. Subsequently, in March, WWP dismissed both its CEO and COO as part of a significant restructuring.

ďTPI is proud to support DSES and HGSV, since their challenging programs are making significant impacts on the lives of our wounded and disabled warriors and their families. In light of the recent WWP scandal, itís especially important for all Americans to know that several other highly impactful, effective charities serving these heroes exist, doing some of the finest work. TPIís role is to identify them, and make our donors aware of those most worthy causes.Ē Ė Greg Hillgren, TPI Chairman

Funding of TPIís grants to support groups like Higher Ground Sun Valley and Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra comes from TPI coordinated matching campaigns and/or donations to one of The Patriots Initiativeís four funds: TPI Wounded and Fallen Fund, TPI Warriors in Transition Fund, TPI Family Support Fund, or TPI Discretionary Fund. Donors select which fund they wish to support, knowing that 100% percent of their gifts will go directly to that cause.

The Patriots Initiative, a 501(c)(3) makes it simple for inspired Americans to support the nationís armed forces communities. TPI researches and rigorously evaluates military nonprofits, revealing the very finest ones doing the best work. Donors who want their gifts to be truly meaningful and impactful know that TPI has already accomplished the complete vetting process, and ensures that 100% of their donation will directly support only the most worthy programs.